Who We Are

We are community health centers with a mission to serve everyone who walks through our doors, regardless of your ability to pay or your insurance status. In many parts of Iowa, our IowaHealth+ centers may be the only provider of comprehensive primary and preventive health care services for you, your family, and your community.

IowaHealth+ is an integrated primary care network, which is a voluntary business association of primary care providers that can demonstrate financial and clinical integration. IowaHealth+ is an Accountable Care Organization in Iowa that contracts with Medicaid Managed Care Organizations.

Our 11 member/owner health centers and the Iowa PCA work together to pursue payment and care delivery redesign while ensuring high quality care for patients.

Our Members

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Our Core Values

  • we understand you
    Whoever you are, we speak your language, honor your traditions and value your experiences. We treat everyone with respect and courtesy.
  • we fit your lifestyle
    We're conveniently located in neighborhoods throughout Iowa. Our health centers have extended hours that fit your busy schedule.
  • we care for your whole family
    We provide care for everyone in your family, from babies to adults to seniors. This makes it easy for everyone to get the care they need all in one place.
  • we reflect communities
    We focus on improving the health and wellness of communities, not just people. Our health centers are guided by community members, and staff come from the communities we serve.
  • we put you at the center
    We put patients and their families at the center of care. We make sure that our patients have the information they need to make good decisions and be partners in their own health. We focus on patients, not profits.
  • we deliver quality care
    Our health centers meet or exceed national quality standards. Research shows that our patients receive more screening and health promotion services, have better health outcomes, and save money by staying out of the hospital.
  • we want you to be well
    We believe the best way to be healthy is to stay healthy, in all areas of your life. Our health centers focus on a whole lifestyle approach to keeping you well.

Find Your +

What does the plus stand for in IowaHealth+? It's all the ways we take care of every part of you and your family. With a network of health centers, each with a dedicated team of caregivers who know you and your health history, IowaHealth+ offers primary care, plus extra services such as oral health, behavioral health, 340B and pharmacy services, prenatal care, health education, access to a nutritionist, and more.

We're IowaHealth+, and we're the perfect place for everyone who wants or needs more from their health care.

Our National Health+ Partners

In addition to IowaHealth+, other states have partnered with us to highlight the ‘plus’ their health centers bring to the communities they serve. Together, we are your national Health+ partners, bringing better health to communities where you live, work, and play. Find out how different caring for your health can be.

Californiahealthplus.com | Iowahealthplus.com | Missourihealthplus.com | Nebraskahealthplus.com

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