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health insurance choices you can afford

Health Care Reform makes it easy to find health insurance you can afford to get the care you need. You can still get health insurance through your work if your employer offers insurance. But if you can't get insurance this way, there are easy ways to get health insurance for yourself or your entire family.


IA Health Link

Medicaid benefits are available through IA Health Link, Iowa's managed care program.

IA Health Link covers medical and health care costs for certain groups of people based upon income levels. Those receiving Medicaid will have their care coordinated by one of three Managed Care Organizations (MCOs): Amerigroup Iowa, AmeriHealth Caritas Iowa, and United Healthcare Community Plan.

Ask your IowaHealth+ center to help you enroll in the IA Health Link if you qualify!


Health Insurance Marketplace

The Health Insurance Marketplace is a place where you can find affordable health insurance. You can compare different insurance plans and choose the one that fits you best. So if you don't qualify for the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan and don't have health insurance through work, you'll be able to find affordable insurance coverage through!

The federal government can also help you buy health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace. If you think you qualify for coverage, ask your IowaHealth+ center to help you find an affordable plan that works for you and get enrolled!

how do i find access + care?

Find an IowaHealth+ Center Near You

The IowaHealth+ Center locator tool helps you find a health provider near you.

What Is A Community Health Center?

This video explains what is a community health center and how they can provide you quality, affordable health coverage.

how can i enroll?

Visit an IowaHealth+ Center

Find an IowaHealth+ Center near you that offers in-person enrollment assistance.

IA Health Link

Find out if you and your family qualify for the IA Health Link program.

Health Insurance Marketplace

Create an account with to apply for and enroll in health insurance for you and your family.

tell me more about health care reform


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